Facility / Event  Request  Form

We are excited to partner with you; here are 3 things of which you need to be informed:

1) This request may take up to 2 WEEKS to be approved. If you are in a time crunch please take this into consideration.

2) We need you to be aware that, depending on the event, there may be use costs involved. These costs apply to both regular attendees of Grays Harbor Foursquare Church as well as guests from the community. These costs help cover utilities, extra staffing, janitorial, and miscellaneous expenses that extra events bring. We are not in business to make money off of your event - we just want to be good stewards of what God has given us!

3) If you received a preliminary "OK" from someone on staff at Grays Harbor Foursquare Church you still need to wait for official approval (often our staff is not aware of all the activities in the facility).